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It’s not only important to take care of our community, it’s also important to take care of the planet. We keep this in mind with everything we do. Here are a few ways we try to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • No GMO products

  • Virginia green certification

  • All LED lights

  • Reused a junky-ass building

  • Recycle paper, glass, plastics, cardboard

  • Composting program

  • Minimize plastic usage. Only paper straws here!

  • Recycled paper products

  • Reuse spent grain in kitchen recipes and up-cycle to local farms


At the core of Caboose is a philosophy of happiness and good times, and we believe a healthy body and mind are the foundation of a good life. Here are a few ways we work to promote a healthy way of life:

  • Brewpub strategically located on the W&OD trail to encourage walking, running and biking to enjoy a beer

  • Fresh, seasonal ingredients from local farms

  • Animal products from local farmers that we know and trust

  • No partially hydrogenated oils

  • No artificial sugars

  • Fitness programs at the breweries

  • Support and events for local fitness clubs

  • Bike racks installed to encourage biking

  • We host running and biking groups… even a yoga class on Wednesday mornings


A good life includes what you give back to the world around you. It’s important we all take part in making our world a better place, whether at a global, national, or personal level. Whether you support a charity, vote in a local election, or just give a neighbor a helping hand… a little love goes a long way. Here are a few ways we give back:

  • Proceeds nights to support charitable causes

  • Support local awareness groups that reflect our beliefs

  • Donations to local schools and charities

  • Support local artists by providing a local gallery that celebrates the diversity of our community

  • Provide a space for the community to enjoy, so everyone has somewhere to experience peace, laughter and fun… in the hopes they take a little extra happiness out into the world