our Kitchen


We think the best way to achieve a community atmosphere is to bring together elements of a classic pub and elevated, thoughtful food to create a brewpub that's just a cut above the rest.

As much as possible, our ingredients are sustainably sourced from local farms and expertly crafted by our highly skilled chefs into some of the most innovative takes on pub food you've ever seen. Our menu changes seasonally based on what ingredients are available, so you know the food is always at its peak. We focus on nutritionally valuable ingredients and proper portions, inspired by holistic nutritionist Jennifer McLaughlin.

We choose sustainably raised, 100% grass-fed beef and pasture-raised poultry that are high in fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E and K2. Our seafood is sustainably harvested according to the Monterey Bay Aquarium's "Best Choice" recommendations that cause the least harm to sea life and their habitat. No artificial or "natural" flavorings are ever used in our food or beer. We craft everything we serve completely from scratch.



Originally from Rockville, MD, David has been in the restaurant industry for a little over 12 years. His interest in food sparked as a child and has only grown from there. Throughout his career, David completed internships at Volt in Frederick, MD and Michael Mina in San Francisco, CA. He has also worked at Bourbon Steak in Georgetown, was the Sous Chef at Charlie Palmer Steak, the Chef de Cuisine at Caboose, and then the Executive Chef of Brine. He has now returned to Caboose to be our Executive Chef, developing the our menus for both locations.

He really enjoys the outdoors, history, and of course, food! He has a super fat and adorable cat. David loves the ability to create memories for people, “My goal is to have people go back in time and remember the first time they tried that ingredient or dish. It is my job to give food a second life, something that is hopefully beautiful and delicious.” David’s favorite cuisines are Japanese and Mediterranean. His favorite dish at Caboose is the Pork Belly. “It is a fairly simple dish, but I get to put a little bit of flair into it with the miso paste.” His favorite Caboose beers are the Boxcar Brown Ale, the Hobo Stout, or the Rambler Maibock.