New Spicy Beer at Caboose Brewing Company

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New Beer on Tap

We have really exciting news. For those who like good, spicy, beer, our last year’s ghost pepper pale ale was a strong go-to for our Caboose guests. Due to the awesome feedback we received from our Ghost Train, we decided to kick it up a notch.

That’s right, we made another spicy beer. And this time, we didn’t hold back. Introducing ”In the Red”.  If “Ghost Train” were a chipmunk, “In the Red” is a G.D. wolverine. Not just a whimsical and lightly sweat-inducing pale ale. We are facing a true beast of a double IPA. 

Double IPA Spicy Beer

In the Red is a double IPA with a powerful habanero heat and flavor, balanced by orange notes, a hefty malt backbone, and plenty of hoppiness. This DIPA comes in at 9.8% ABV. By our calculation, the beer ended up at 100 IBU’s, which led to us deciding to dry-hop with centennial hops (centennial meaning a 100 year anniversary). And let me tell you, it was fun to make. Our brewers had to wear masks just to be around the ridiculous ammount of habaneros. 

If this beer makes your “scalp tingle,” like it does to our head brewer’s, he suggests you mix it with our Half-Wit for a delicious beer with less heat. So come on in and let us know if you can handle the heat!

Northern Virginia’s Best Brewery

We would like to thank our Caboose fans for continuing to make us one of the best breweries in Northern Virginia. We are right off of the W&OD trail and encourage you to ride your bike, run, or walk to us, especially during this beautiful spring weather! If you need any help finding our location or have any other general questions about parking, our menu, or just want to say hello, please do not hesitate to contact us at And be sure to check out our social media accounts, @caboosebrewing.