The Brewhouse


Beer is an essential part of the American cultural heritage. In the 19th century and into the early 20th century, every town had their own brewery to provide beer for the residents. These local beers were usually accompanied by the local or regional specialty cuisine.

Great beverages are the cornerstone of Caboose. We craft each of our beers in our 15 barrel brewhouse and serve it fresh to you on premise. Our goal is to provide the small-town pub atmosphere in a modern environment with a wide variety of beers and foods. Everything we serve is skillfully crafted on premises–from the appetizers to the beer. We strive to use local ingredients in everything we make, tying our business to the community in a meaningful way.


Brewery Team

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Justin Weems, Head Brewer

Our Head Brewer, Justin Weems is originally from San Antonio, TX. Justin finds brewing as a happy balance between art and science. Plus, he really enjoys good beer! Justin is passionate, hard-working, dedicated, and knowledgeable.

He first fell in love with beer when he entered the bar industry around 7 years ago. He eventually realized that he was more into the beer itself than the bartending. This then led to a lot of studying (and a little bit of drinking) in his free time. Justin says, “No matter how much I read about, listen to, and question the ways of brewing, I'm always left wanting to learn more. It seems there will always be more to learn.” Justin also says, “The brewing industry is an amazingly creative field with intelligent, insightful, and very humble people. The job itself forces critical thinking and inspires innovation and growth. I feel lucky to be a part of it.”

Justin’s favorite Caboose beers are the Vanilla Hobo Stout and The Fog IPA. He really enjoys making the Citra Session IPA, because it makes for a light, easy brew day and keeps everyone in good spirits. His favorite drink in general is The Last Word, a gin cocktail with a strong earthy and herbal flavor.

In Justin’s free time he loves to sing, and perform on occasion with a local band. He also enjoys "studying" bourbon, rye, gin, scotch and red wine.


Jack Ohman, Brewer

Jack Ohman, one of our brewers, is originally from Arlington, VA. While working in the kitchen at Caboose, he became more curious about beer and the brewing process. Being relatively new to the industry, he started part-time at Caboose as a cellarman, and has since become a full-time brewer within the last few months. “Caboose was a great place to expand my knowledge and appreciation for beer. The industry and the people in it are great.”

He really enjoys making the Boxcar Brown Ale, the dark malts smell amazing during the brew and it makes for an easy day. His favorite drink in general is tea, black tea specifically. He says he hopes one day we can do a few casks featuring tea.

When he isn’t at Caboose he can be found hiking, spending time outdoors, and cooking for friends and family.