Artist Showcase

Have you ever noticed the ever changing art on Caboose Brewing Company's walls? Did you ever visualize a particular piece in your own home? Did you know you could purchase the art right off the walls? Well, don't worry, because you can! Below are a few of our previous artists we have featured past and present! If you like something feel free to contact them. If you are an artist who would like to showcase their art here, please email for more information.


David Barr

David's paintings are the result of building up and layering different media. He uses an assortment of images and text from different eras to create collage-like paintings. David says, "By meshing together various elements, I'm able to take these timeworn fragments of culture out of their original context and reconfigure into something new." We are currently showcasing David's latest masterpieces in our loft and along our staircase. To learn more about David and purchase some of his artwork, please visit his website at


Rodger Schultz

Rodger is a rising and globally collected Professional Fine Artist from Washington D.C. Expanding on a prosperous career in Illustration and Iconography, the breadth and width of his knowledge, command of visual languages and diverse range of mark-making, Rodger is quickly creating one of the most diverse and exciting portfolios in American Art.

His Drawing style is abstract. His landscapes, based in impressionism. His portraits, a playground of realist-tending illustration. The works he makes for himself are an infinite, experimental dance exploring the marriage between the three self-invented styles.

Where most artists concern themselves solely with self-expression, Rodger's training, background and innate joy is in creating work for others. Revering his clients, collectors and patrons as his own Self, his uncanny ability to absorb their will and manifest it has propelled him into one of the East Coast's most sought after Commission Artists -- private, public and corporate. 

Check out more of his work here.


Matthew Riegner

"WHO?" / Matthew Riegner

Matthew Riegner says, "I love all styles of art, but always come back to graff and typography. For purchase info or general questions please email or visit my Facebook page."



John Howard Staby 

To inquire about this art please email,


Brett Ludeke

Carbon6 Studio is based in Reston Virginia and run by Brett Ludeke ( Brett discovered photography when he was in high school and started working on portraiture in college. After college he worked in his own studio doing commercial and headshot photography. Brett also has his own wedding photography business.

“My photography is heavily influenced by cinema. I think 2001: A Space Odyssey is the most visually beautiful movie ever and Stanley Kubrick is my biggest influence as an artist. Hopefully that is reflected in my body of work. Most of my fine art photos are taken at night between midnight and 3am when its quiet outside, allowing me to use negative space when composing my photos." -Brett Ludeke

Someone once described Brett's work as: “Brett’s photography offers a glimmer of captivating insight. Through his use of dramatic neo film-noir vision, his photos capture an essence of beauty and elegance that can be overlooked by the masses.”


AnaMarie Paredes

AnaMarie is driven by the challenge of taking a material typically thought of as commercial and industrial, metal, and turning it into something delicate, intricate, and unexpected. Her four series are stylistically varied, yet show her focus on architectural lines, texture, shape, balance and light. Her drive to attain spatial balance through positive and negative space often plays out in her work's thoughtful and ethereal shadows. She strives to engage the viewer, inviting them to join the connection between her work and the space it fills. Her focus on organic textures and colors inspires a more personal engagement with her compositions, further driving the connection between the viewer, art form, and space.

Each of her four series - Collage, Lines, Folds, and Renew - demand different artistic skills and techniques from her artistry that further feeds the compelling challenges her medium presents. 

AnaMarie is an emerging artist from the Northern Virginia area. She was introduced to sculpture and welding in 2000 through George Mason University's Art Program. She continued to develop her technique and skill at the Torpedo Factory's Art League School in Alexandria, Virginia, from 2001 through 2006. In October of 2013, AnaMarie had the honor to work side by side with renowned metal artist Albert Paley. During her three week stay as a visiting artist, she assisted him on a variety of projects and attended a variety of public events as part of his studio staff. In June of 2014 she decided to move her studio to Vienna, VA, where she built out her new space six months later. Her studio was built to accomodate not only her current skills and techniques, but also looking ahead at new exciting capabilities and equipment. 

Her work is currently represented by the RH Ballard Gallery in Washington, VA, and Eaton Fine Arts in Austin, TX.

Please visit her website for more information at



Trevor says, "If I could add to the art scene, what it is to add bacon to any food dish, then I would be content."  Trevor seeks not to create a simple image, but rather, an engaging experience. He says, "Art, to me, should be challenging, expanding our imaginations and perceptual paradigms, not just addressing individual ideas, but grand, overarching cohesive collections of ideas and imagery."  For more information on Trevor and his artwork, please visit: or e-mail him at:



Chris' interest in nature began during his childhood while growing up in rural Upstate New York. He says, "Walking through thick old growth hemlock forests with the strong scent of pine permeating the air, I began to form a strong sense of appreciation and amazement for all things natural." Chris wanted to  share the beauty, awe, and emotion that he felt while surrounded by nature. He turned to photography in the summer of 2004 to create works of art that simultaneously display the beautiful reality of nature while also allowing him to showcase his own vision and personal style. Now living on the outskirts of our nation’s capital, he continues to escape the emotional drain of the city by spending time within local natural areas as well as traveling across the country. To see more of his work and learn more, visit his website at: