Crossfit Mill Street is so generously offering us the opportunity to use their parking lot. However, please be mindful of the hours:

ONLY AFTER 6:30pm ON Mondays-Fridays

and anytime on Saturdays and Sundays.

Thank you so much Crossfit Mill Street! To celebrate, we are offering an extended happy hour until March 10th, from 6:30-9:00pm!


Caboose has begun construction on its new Mosaic District location, transforming a 6,000 square-foot warehouse into an environmentally sustainable brewpub. The new location is scheduled to open in late spring 2018, and will be on the southwest corner of Lee Highway and Eskridge Road. Click here to learn more details.



An Inside Look...


'Due to limited seating we can only accept reservations of up to 6 guests.  Larger groups can be accommodated at the bar or as a private party.

A Destination

Beer is an essential part of the American cultural heritage. In the 19th century and into the early 20th century, every town had their own brewery to provide beer for the residents. These local beers were usually accompanied by the local or regional specialty cuisine.

Our goal is to provide the small-town pub atmosphere in a modern environment with a wide variety of beers and foods. Everything we serve is skillfully crafted on premises–from the appetizers to the beer. We strive to use local ingredients in everything we make, tying our business to the community in a meaningful way.


We think the best way to achieve a community atmosphere is to bring together elements of a classic pub and elevated, thoughtful food to create a brewpub that's just a cut above the rest.

When possible, our ingredients are sustainably sourced from local farms and expertly crafted by our highly skilled chefs into some of the most innovative takes on pub food you've ever seen. Our menu changes seasonally based on what ingredients are available, so you know the food is always at its peak. We focus on nutritionally valuable ingredients and proper portions, inspired by holistic nutritionist Jennifer McLaughlin.

We choose sustainably raised, 100% grass-fed beef and pasture-raised poultry that are high in fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E and K2. Our seafood is sustainably harvested according to the Monterey Bay Aquarium's "Best Choice" recommendations that cause the least harm to sea life and their habitat. No artificial or "natural" flavorings are ever used in our food or beer. We craft everything we serve completely from scratch.

Parking At Caboose

At Caboose, we believe that few things go together as well as a great beer, great food, and some exercise. No, really–when we picked our Vienna location, this is what we had this in mind. You may even have noticed the piles of bikes out back on any given day (or the number of people who make their entire trek to Caboose by walking the W&OD) to demonstrate that we're definitely not the only people who love the triple pairing. That being said, we love having a location where we can have a patio close to the trail and facing the woods, and where the zoning allowed us to manufacture beer in Vienna–but the challenge that this location has presented is that there really is incredibly limited parking.

Thanks to our wonderful customers, Caboose has been successful in spite of this “atypical” location and our limited seating. Listening to our customers, we do realize this location sometimes presents a fair number of challenges. So we want to apologize for that–and say that we're continuously working to improve current situation–but it unfortunately takes time. 

How can you avoid parking issues:

  • Utilize our parking map to find 'safe' places to park without fear of being towed. You can access the map here.
  • Walk, run, bike (skateboard, inline skate, bear crawl, etc.) on the W&OD Trail.
  • Use Lyft, Uber, or simply carpool to Caboose.

If you have any questions or have any ideas for us for parking improvements, please feel free to email us at info@caboosebrewing.com! We love your input.


Our new Executive Chef is David Rabin! David has been in the restaurant industry for a little over 12 years. His interest in food sparked as a child and has only grown from there. Throughout his career, David has completed internships at The Volt Restaurant and Restaurant Michael Mina in San Francisco. He has also worked at Bourbon Steak in Georgetown, became the sous chef at Charlie Palmer Steak, the Chef de Cuisine at Caboose, and then the Executive Chef of Brine. He has now returned to Caboose Brewing Company to be the Executive Chef of both of our locations! David is originally from Rockville, Maryland and has played the drums since he was 13 years old. He really enjoys the outdoors, history, and of course, food! He also has a super fat and adorable cat. David says he loves, “The ability to create memories for people.” He says, “My goal is to have people go back in time and remember the first time they tried that ingredient or dish.” He also says, “It is my job to give food a second life, something that is hopefully beautiful and delicious.” David’s favorite foods to eat are usually anything Japanese or Mediterranean. His favorite dish at Caboose is the Pork Belly. David says, “It is a fairly simple dish, but I get to put a little bit of flair into it with the miso paste.” His favorite Caboose Beers are the Boxcar Brown Ale, the Hobo Stout, or the Rambler Maibock. We are so very excited to have David back on the Caboose team! 


Our Head Brewer, Justin Weems is originally from San Antonio, TX. Justin finds brewing as a happy balance between art and science. Plus, he really enjoys good beer! Justin is passionate, hard-working, dedicated, and knowledgeable. He first fell in love with beer when he entered the bar industry around 7 years ago. He eventually realized that he was more into the beer itself than the bartending. This then led to a lot of studying (and a little bit of drinking) in his free time. Justin says, “No matter how much I read about, listen to, and question the ways of brewing, I'm always left wanting to learn more. It seems there will always be more to learn.” Justin also says, “The brewing industry is an amazingly creative field with intelligent, insightful, and very humble people. The job itself forces critical thinking and inspires innovation and growth. I feel lucky to be a part of it.” Justin’s favorite Caboose beers are the Vanilla Hobo Stout and The Fog IPA. He really enjoys making the Citra Session IPA, because it makes for a light, easy brew day and keeps everyone in good spirits. His favorite drink in general is The Last Word, a gin cocktail with a strong earthy and herbal flavor. In Justin’s free time he loves to sing, and perform on occasion with a local band. He also enjoys "studying" bourbon, rye, gin, scotch and red wine. 

Farm to Fork

Caboose Brewing Co. and Yohanan Farm

At Caboose, we focus on serving farm to table cuisine, with an emphasis on sourcing from our local community.  In late 2017, a few of the Caboose team members went to visit our local chicken farm- Yohanan Farm. Yohanan is a small scale family farm in Purcellville, VA. The Johnsons raise pastured poultry in the most sustainable way. Their farm does not use GMO's, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, growth hormones, appetite stimulants or confinement houses. In fact, nothing separates their chickens from the pastures on which they thrive. Every day, the birds are moved to fresh pasture for unlimited foraging and play. Their chickens consume lush grass, insects, and a custom blend of probiotics and organic (non-certified) feed from a locally-sourced mill. We put together this video to give you a better look at a normal day at Yohanan Farm, and what makes them so special. By supporting Caboose, you support your local chicken farmers. The Johnsons say, “Someday, hopefully within a generation or two, this will be an old conversation, and there will be no more poison in the food system. Until then, we will continue on.” If anyone is interested in learning more about the effect of arsenic in our food chain, here are a few academic studies and press releases: Playing Chicken, USA Today, Grist: FDA Admits, Grist: Ending Arsenic